I Am The Lizard Queen

Yeah so apoloz re the whole extended gap thing. I finished moving house and then immediately got really ill and couldn’t get out of bed for like a month and a half or something ridic like that and then straight after my phone got stolen which was my only means of taking pictures, so. This post is mostly going to be very recent, but with a couple of pics from before I got sick because they go with the theme, which is, GREEN and/or SHINY.


Lipstick: Serpentina by Lime Crime (off ebay)
Dress: Simply Be (I must offer my thanks to my friend Daisy for rescuing it from peril and nonsense as a result of a delivery mix up)

In the words of Fallon from Scary Go Round, a highly polished bottom is a serious cross to bear:


And I appear to be being photobombed by some sort of portal to Hell. Perhaps that explains the following Vampira sequence:

z3 z4

And continuing the theme here’s a hat I made for my friends Sarah and Robert’s wedding. I would take some pictures of me in it, but I can’t cause I lent to a friend (confusingly, also called Sarah, and also for a wedding).


My newwww coaaaatttt from Collectif, which I am delighted with:

image_7 image_10

Part of my New Year’s resolutions are the promises of getting better at taking pictures of myself wearing stuff (I CANNOT seem to get a picture of all of me that is in focus and properly lit), sorting out the layout (I have no idea what is going on with this) and updating this blog more often thus preventing it being such a photodump each time.

And finally, I leave you with a festive farewell, and wish you a maximumly enjoyable festivus:

Cardigan: H&M

Dress; belt: Tu (from Ebay)

Necklace: Charity

Handbag: Charity

Ring; cheeky grin: Inherited from my mum


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