Put some goth on it

Are you sad because your face is all blurry and also your outfit is quite boring?


Despite going double leopard with the dress and belt and having a big gold necklace?

THEN MOPE NO MORE, MY FRIEND! Like most things in life, all outfits can be improved by a liberal application of GOTH TAT.


The scarf is actually a poundland Halloween table decoration (see below):


Featureing ectoplasm!

Featuring ectoplasm! And mess.


I like this one cause it looks like I’m in a opera. Also, the observant among you will notice the big stack of murder books.



My new favourite earring combo.

(And the hip new ‘drawing on my hand while bored’ pioneering long-lasting body makeup, aka fountain pen ink)

The middle skeleton has been a solid fave for about 10 years, but I just found the tiny and big skeletons whilst unpacking. Which reminds me:

OH MY GOD I take it all back. Any time I have ever been disparaging about anyone else’s ability to take pictures of things, well, on those occasions I was being a twat. I’m really sorry about how bad all my pictures have turned out. I think partially my eyes have been retrained by Instagram to think any picture of me without a filter is horrendous, whereas, you know, back in the olden times there were no filters. But yeah, moving: I think it’s possible that all the light bulbs in this house are cursed; I don’t remember selfies being such a ballache in my old house? AH, GATHER ROUND, let me tell you a tale of the old house. Most of the new house is covered in half unpacked boxes — and has no flat surfaces that aren’t bejunked as well — which doesn’t make taking a decent, uncluttered photo very easy.

I’ve just moved from Leeds to Birmingham, so, hit me up Birmingham people if you wanna be friends, on the admittedly flimsy basis of some pictures of me in outfits? Man you’re SHALLOW. By which I mean, er, you can find out more about me (most of it bad) on twitter, I’m @burnyourbones.

You may have also noticed the ‘half hive’ thing I’ve got going on. This is because I put white toner on my hair, which if I get the chance I like to try and let dry in, but clearly yesterday was not the day for that since I had to be on campus for various reasons, so, I pinned up the damp side. The last time I had long hair (I’m trying to grow it out from a hilariously ill-advised pixie cut I gave myself about 2 years ago) I did this look a lot as well as a wussier alternative to the part shaved look. Good for showcasing GIANT EARRINGS with (they were so loud, I felt bad for the guy sharing an office with me! memo to self: not library compatible)

Now I have this song stuck in my head which is LOVELY so good then:

Dress: Primark

Belt: Dorothy Perkins (just last week, so they still have them)

Scarf: Poundland

Cardigan: H&M but it’s actually my boyfriend’s

Earrings: various different pound shop keyrings + paperclips (the lazy free dorkpunk version of earring findings)

Ring: Primark (also still in I think?)

Lipstick: Black Cherry by Revlon (but srsly if you’re thinking of getting this, I would strongly urge you towards The New Black by 17; I would be wearing that instead but I can’t find it cause MOVING, BAH.)


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